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7dayshop “GOOD TO GO” Rechargeable AAA NiMh Batteries (850mAh) 3x4Pack

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With these rechargeable batteries, you are GOOD TO GO. They arrive pre-charged and are ready to use.On top of that, low self discharge batteries hold ;their charge for longer than traditional Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries and can be recharged up to 1,000 times.Using rechargeable batteries offer big savings compared to using “single-use” batteries. They cost only a few pence to recharge.Very often they offer better performance than even the best one-time use alkaline batteries.Technology has also moved forward and Ni-Mh batteries can now be charged much faster – and people are voting with their feet. More than 35% of UK households already use rechargeable batteries.These 7dayshop GOOD TO GO batteries are the similar/same in technology as Sanyo ENELOOP, Panasonic Infinium, Uniross Hybrio, GP Recyko, Sony Cycle Energy, Duracell Active Charge, Hama Ready 4 Power and Camlink’s Ready 2 Go batteries – but are naturally better value.Ni-Mh (nickel metal hydride) type batteries are favoured by demanding users as they are memory free and offer superb performance over traditional Ni-Cad rechargeable and single-use Alkaline types.These batteries are compatible with all good quality chargers and equipment types.They are kinder to the environment because you are not throwing one-time batteries away to landfill sites.Use our 7dayshop rechargeable batteries in your cameras, flashgun, remote control vehicles and children’s toys, radios and portable stereos, torches etc. and etc. and imagine the massive savings to your pocket.What’s in the Pack?12 X GOOD TO GO AAA pre-charged, long life rechargeable batteries 850mAh7dayshop Product PromiseWe’re so confident you will love your 7dayshop product, all our 7dayshop products come with a 30-day 101% satisfaction assurance and a 3-year guarantee.Online since the year 2000, you can trust us: millions of customers already do.


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