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The Vitamin Rush for Dry Skin! A wonderful oil infused with vitamin-rich carrots that soften the skin. Macerated in sunflower oil, carrot’s wonderful colouring is due to the high content of beta-carotenes found in this vegetable. Beta-carotenes are an essential source of nourishment for maintaining bright & healthy skin. Beta-carotenes are found in many orange fruits & vegetables including pumpkins & squashes. Recommended for: Dry skin & moisturising. Dilute with a carrier oil to prevent skin tinting (optional). How to use: This oil is a very rich colour & may tint the skin. Dilute with another carrier oil to prevent skin tinting (optional). for healthy & more beautiful skin nourishing moisturises high content in beta-carotene macerated in sesame oil true vitamin booster recommended for very dry skin Ingredients (INCI): Organic Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum), Organic Carrot Root (Daucus carota)


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