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Wires and tangled cords lying around not only are unpleasant looking but
can also create a potentially hazardous situation. Avoid this mess with
the PowerCube, which allows power cords to combine into one compact
solution. This cube-shaped socket multiplier prevents plugs from blocking
each other, keeping things easy and efficient. You can gain up to five
additional sockets in one PowerCube, even combining one PowerCube with
another to accommodate your desired amount of power outlets. Simple,
stylish, and easy to use; this product comes in four colours.

Modular Design
Set up your power to your preference by adding more PowerCubes and
linking them together in a modular fashion.

Award-Winning Design
PowerCube received the RedDot Design Award in 2014.

Key Features
– Colour: Green
– Rated AC: 13A/230V
– Power: 2500W
– Outlets: 5
– Unit Weight: 292g


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