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Goodbye Cellulite! What is Cellublue? With the CelluBlue you can replicate the gestures of the famous “palpate-roll” massage. This massage technique is effective and is recognized in fighting cellulite. With this suction cup, you will get impressive results after just 3-4 few weeks. CelluBlue can be used on all types of cellulite, whatever its origin: mixed, adipose, aqueous or fibrous. Easy to use! With its suction system, massage your skin with CelluBlue, performing the movements as described in the directions of use. CelluBlue is simple to use and requires no training. Instructions: Before using it: prepare your CelluBlue and your skin as well • First of all get some body massaging lotion. You should NEVER use the CelluBlue on a dry skin. CelluBlue must be used on an oiled skin in order for it to slide on the skin. • Select the area to be treated. Massaging with CelluBlue can be performed on all areas containing cellulite : buttocks, stomach, hips, legs . . . • Apply the massage oil on the selected area First step: apply the CelluBlue on your skin 1. Apply a firm pressure on the sides of your CelluBlue and place without releasing the sides, on the selected area. 2. Then slowly release the sides of the CelluBlue on your skin, it will be sucked in the CelluBlue 3. Please note that you can control the level of suction as you wish, by slightly pulling up the CelluBlue to release some air, which will reduce the suction of your skin Step two: massaging with CelluBlue 1. Once you have oiled the selected area of your body and installed the CelluBlue as above, move it from bottom to top for 3 minutes then from left to right for 1 minute 2. Then make circular motions for 1 minute, always upward from bottom to top 3. To get rid of more cellulite you may terminate your massage by pushing firmly down your CelluBlue on your skin then pull it out without removing it from your skin. 4. Each selected area necessitates at least 5 minutes massaging. You can adapt the length of each session depending on the selected area and the extent of your cellulite, the sessions should be performed daily until you reach the desired results (within 15/20 days in most cases). Some women will notice results appear much faster than others, it all depends on your cellulite. Step three: Post-massage Once the massage of the selected area or areas finished areas, we strongly recommend that you drink 16 fl ounces of plain water within the hour after using your CelluBlue. Drinking plain water will help eliminate toxins and remove the dislodged fats. Please note: • The CelluBlue should not be used on a scarred or wounded skin or suffering any kind of dermatological or circulatory disease. • Your skin may become red due to increased blood flow in the treated area due to the suction of CelluBlue, this is quite normal. The redness will fade out within a few minutes. • If slight bruises appear, we recommend that you reduce the amount of suction of your CelluBlue during your massage. You can also do a session every 2 days rather than daily, in such case. • You should always keep this item out of reach of children, it is by no means a toy. • You can wash your CelluBlue with a bit of soap and fresh water. Rince well after washing. The CelluBlue is inexpensive, uses no energy, does not wear out and can be used as many times as necessary. A valuable and sustainable ally! After a daily use for 3/4 weeks, the results are clearly visible. The CelluBlue is made of only medical silicone. Use it safely and without fear of allergies! It cleans easily with soap and water. Note: CelluBlue can be used with varicose veins, but please consult your doctor before using. CelluBlue does impact the circulatory system, so if you struggle with circulatory issues please contact a medical professional before using. Composition: 100% medical grade silicone


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