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With a 2.1A output the Veho Pebble Explorer Pro is designed to charge
tablets in the most efficient way. This means that your tablet power is
replaced as quickly as possibly when you’re low on charge and away from a
mains source. Don’t worry if your smartphone is also low on charge because
the Explorer’s dual port design means it’s capable of charging 2 devices
at the same time. The powerful 8400mAh battery can give most tablets a
complete full charge and most smartphones up to 5 charges.

The stylish blue LED power indicator means you can keep a close eye on
the Explorer’s exact capacity when charging your devices and also when you
are recharging your Explorer. An 8 hour mains charge to the Explorer will
give your portable devices hours of additional usage while you are away
from the mains which makes it the perfect companion for camping, trekking,
festivals as well as business users who easily drain their portable
devices during a long busy day

The Pebble Explorer Pro now includes an MFi Apple authorised Lightning
cable, which is compatible with all the latest Apple iPhones and iPads.

Key Features
– Powerful 8400mAh portable and rechargeable battery for tablets,
smartphones and USB rechargeable devices.
– Dual 2.1 Amp USB outputs designed to charge tablets and smartphones
fast and efficiently.
– Digital LED indicator giving exact percentage charge available.
– Auto shutoff mode to protect against short circuit, over-current,
over-charging, and over-discharging.
– 8 hour charge time will give weeks of portable battery life for
multiple devices (iPads, iPods, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, iPhones,
smartphones, etc.)
– MFi Apple authorised Lightning Cable included.

Unit Size L 92mm x W 75mm x H 23mm
Capacity 8400mAh @ 3.7V
Output 5V/2.1A
Input 5V/1A
Weight 192g

Box Contents
Veho Pebble Explorer Pro Power Bank
– Apple Authorised Lightning Cable
– Carry Pouch
– USB Charging Cable with mini USB/Micro USB/Dual Apple 30 Pin/Samsung
Galaxy Tablet connectors
– Multi lingual user manual (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian,
Portuguese, Russian, Japanese & Chinese)


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